Parole & Probation

Learn about community supervision (parole and probation), including the conditions, how to request changes to those conditions, and what you can do if you’ve been accused of a violation.

Additional Resources

  • Prison Law Office – Resources for People in Prison and People on State Parole in California
  • “The Parolee Rights Handbook” (Aug. 2013) (Prison Law Office) -or- “Manual Sobre los Derechos de Personas en Libertad Condicional” (agosto 2013) (Prison Law Office)
  • UnCommon Law – Resources about the Parole Release Process for People with Life Sentences in California

Advanced Topic


One of the key factors in successful reentry is connecting with family, housing and employment – which may not be in the county you’re being released to. The above video describes what steps you can take to change which county you’re released to, how family members and friends can support the transfer, and what important barriers and legal factors you may wish to consider when transferring your parole or Post-Release Community Supervision.